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Name:Alexandra Grim-Priou
Birthdate:Sep 6
Location:United States of America
Born from the respected Grimaldi and Obertus families and eventually sired by a reclusive, ancient Tzimisce to whom her family was loyal, Alexandra helped usher him into the modern age and earned her place as equal by his side.

One of the last great practitioners of Koldunic Sorcery, she spends her evenings in study or micro-manages their modern persona to masquerade as an eccentric Toreadore couple, allowing them to move between the clans of Kindred and the human world, while pursuing her own interests.

Alex is adaptable, appreciates fine clothing and jewellery and maintains strong ties to the Grimaldi family. She and her 'husband' have two delightful 'children'.

*Based mostly in WoD, but without all the dice rolling :P
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